Discover Formentera

Luxury, Simplicity, Nature.

Formentera, a tiny island in size, but colossal in terms of paradisal  beaches! Did you know that there are no traffic lights in Formentera?! Yes really! The locals want to protect this special place from the modern world and maintain its natural beauty.

Formentera is considered the "luxurious treasure of simplicity" that welcomes small groups for their corporate events. The island can be enjoyed in many ways and is also fantastic as a day trip.

You can arrive by private boat: sailing boat, catamaran, or yacht... stop at the S'Espalmador islet for an (obligatory!) bath, and continue your journey to enjoy lunch at Ses Illetes, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

There is also the option to alight at La Savina Port and from there take a rural bike tour.

You could even take a tour of Formentera´s beaches and cliffs by Kayak or by Paddle Surf. How about a Teambuilding activity in the sand? ...

Formentera is small but due to its simplicity offers many options to make your incentive trip something to remember. All activities run by Incentives Ibiza DMC have a strict respect for the natural environment, and respect parts of the island which are part of the Natural Park.

For those small groups who do stay on the island, we will take you to the best restaurants, combining your stay with surprising and fun activities, and exclusivity (which only a privileged few have enjoyed!)

Turn off your phone and forget your troubles, you're in Formentera!

Why come?


  • Because of the wild, simple beauty and luxury that this island boasts.
  • For the paradisiac beaches. (Ses Illetes has been awarded by Travelers as the 7th best beach in the world and 1st in Europe and Spain.)
  • For the perfect fusion between rural landscapes and stunning sea views.
  • For the sunsets.
  • Because this is an island where time seems to have stopped.

Live and feel