Discover Ibiza

The island of a thousand faces

Ibiza is different …

Until you get to Ibiza, nothing will be the same. Why?

Ibiza is constantly changing and evolving, innovating, creating new trends and adapting to the needs of all those that visit.

It is incredible that this small Mediterranean island has so much to offer in organising a corporate event. There are more than 1000 hotels open all year round, and several thousand more between April and November.

The Palace of Congress auditorium has a capacity for 437 people, with adjoining rooms, and all of which is bathed with natural light.

The cuisine on this island is second to none. You can find endless special restaurants that will surprise you with their unique and different menus.

Come and discover the rural side Ibiza in Mehari, where local people from the countryside, (known locally as  "pageses") gaze out over fields.

Experience Ibiza´s culture and scenery via one of our jeep tours.

Stroll through the old town of Ibiza, and be amazed by the history and beauty of Dalt Villa. Wander through the Grecian history of Ibiza, or enjoy some experiences on the sea with our teambuilding experiences, or have fun with our water activities on the beach.

Let yourself be in awe of the magic of Ibiza at night and one of THE most glamorous places in the world.

Ibiza has no limits.

Why come?


  • Because of the amazing newly built hotels.
  • Because each year Ibiza reinvents itself and renews its entire MICE offers.
  • Because Ibiza knows how to surprise those who visit because of its history, natural diversity and multiculturalism.
  • For the Palace of Congress with a capacity for 437 people and rooms filled natural light.
  • For the unique and amazing cuisine.

Live and feel